IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

by Oladimeji Ajayi
The infrastructure today is under intense pressure to operate at the speed of business—that means being infused with the agility to adapt as quickly as customers and the market demand. Our services and solutions helps companies around the world deliver what is most critical to their success—faster, better business. We call it Infrastructure that optimizes ROI.

What we offer

Xpress Access delivers better business availability, easier business connectivity, stronger business productivity and a more effective business infrastructure. We focus on things organizations are demanding for. Our service delivery is tailored to customer needs from transformation through to consultancy, managed services and next-generation platform services.

Key Benefits of the Service

Designing Infrastructures with a future-rear mirror is what we help business to engage. With Xpress Access on your boat, the sail is safe, secure and worth the journey. We help companies at every stage of growth, developing custom infrastructure saves from Repeat-on-Investment.

  • We help you understand your needs
  • We help you cut down on the future from now
  • We help resolve the pricing paradox
  • We help align brand strategy with key objectives
  • We help you to sit back while your infrastructure drives the business

Business increasingly depends on always-on infrastructure. It is refocusing service delivery, from operations-based to outcome-driven. That’s why Xpress Access has shifted the focus to Business Availability Services, which captures new-age services such as cloud and converged infrastructure solutions in addition to traditional services such as managed data center and mainframe operations.

Rapidly advancing consumer technologies, user expectations and workplace needs can accelerate the productivity increases that businesses demand. We are refining business productivity, so companies can improve end-user experience sooner and increase productivity faster.

Xpress Access brings a new mindset to managed networks: the faster the people, processes and data a business most values can connect, the quicker it can create more value.

IT has the power to accelerate customer acquisition, new business models and new market opportunities. But IT budgets are stagnating or even falling.

Our Integrated Value Management unlocks value trapped in IT, freeing the funds for innovative programs leveraging social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) applications and services that get businesses to the future quicker.